Pattaya Rental Market and Sisco Property Group


The rental market in Pattaya is dynamic even during the low season, as there is a steady stream of expats coming and going from Pattaya year round. The tropical sunshine of Thailand draws snowbirds from such countries as Australia, Germany, France, Sweden, UK, Norway, Canada, the USA and many others. The cost of living in Thailand is comparatively low and one of the best examples of this is seen in the cost to rent a condo or rent a house. For the renter, this is good news as there is a large supply of rental properties to choose from in both the house and condo categories.

This is also great news for the savvy investment clients who want to see top returns on their investment. Rental properties in Thailand have shown to perform better than banks for long term investors who made good investment decisions.


How to find a condo for rent in Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is known for it's low cost of living and great weather. Renting a condo in Pattaya is no exception. There is a huge variety of units. A simple room with no furniture may rent for as low as 4,000 THB per month, a furnished room for 8,000 THB a month is common, and a nice furnished studio on or near the beach in Pattaya or Jomtien will likely set you back anywhere from 14,000 THB to 20,000+ THB per month.

Renter's have vast choices spanning from high rise buildings on the water, to boutique condos with oversized floor plans that are great for living in year round. A 1 bedroom condo in Pattaya that is furnished will rent from 8,000 THB per month to 40,000 ++ THB depending on location and amenities with a lot of variety in between. 2 bedroom apartments in and around Pattaya will begin somewhere around 12,000-14,000 and could go up as high as 60,000 – 85,000 for some of the high end buildings.


Looking for a House to Rent in or around Pattaya Thailand

Sometimes a house for rent is a better option than a condo. Most of the condo buildings do not allow pets so if you want to have an animal then you are much better off with renting a house than a condo. There are different types of houses to choose from, townhomes, free standing homes within a village, or free standing homes that are independent, and also shop houses for rent, which can be used to live in and run a small business. Some of the houses available for rent are absolutely amazing. There are Holiday Rentals less than a month, short term rentals 1-3 months, and long term rentals 6-36 month terms. Most long term rentals will require a deposit equal to 2 months of rent plus the first month to move in. Short term and Holiday rental deposits vary.


Investing in a rental property to generate income

On the other side of the rental market are those wishing to generate income from buying a property to rent out. An interesting fact halfway through 2016 the rental market in Pattaya began to shift from the majority being condos to houses for rent edging out condos. With more and more expats calling Pattaya home the demand for homes has increased and since it is more difficult for foreigners to own homes because of the land ownership restrictions more and more are turning to renting, especially since the cost to rent is so much less than comparable beach locations throughout the world.

If you are considering renting your next property in or around Pattaya we invite you to explore our extensive rental inventory and contact Sisco Property Group today.